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We Invite You To Visit The Facility At Spruce Meadow Horse Farm

horse farm barn

Our front barn.

Spruce Meadow Horse Farm sits on 10 acres in the Town of Clarence, New York, less than 1/2 hour from Buffalo and just 10 minutes from the Eastern Hill Mall.

We are a friendly, family-oriented horse stables where both horse and rider thrive.

The Barns

horse farm stables

The back barn has nice, wide aisles.

We have two horse barns, three riding rings and several pasture/turnout areas.

Our front barn is our older barn, it was here when we moved in 24 years ago. It is comfy and cozy and always getting some TLC for one thing or another!

The front barn houses some of the rescue horses and horses in training, in addition to our farm manager, Erin’s horses. There are 14 stalls in the front barn.

The back barn stable was built in 2010. We just love it! It is beautiful, light and airy.

There are 28 rubber-matted stalls in the back barn, twelve 12’x12′ stalls and 16 10’x12′ stalls.

back barn horse stables

Our new back barn.

Our back barn houses many of the rescue horses, lesson horses and boarders.

The aisle is wide, light and bright which makes grooming and tacking up a breeze! In addition there is a tack room, locker room and office.

The Indoor And Outdoor Riding Rings

There are three rings available for riding and access to trails and the bike path from our horse farm property.

outdoor horseback riding ring

Our front ring.

Our front ring is available for riding. We don’t use it often for lessons so it is usually a quiet place to ride.

It is put into use as a second ring at horse shows and also used for turnout. It is 140 feet by 70 feet.

We also have a large “hunt course” next to our back barn. The hunt course is 240 feet by 120 feet.

horse farm riding ring

The hunt course, our back riding ring.

Approximately a dozen jumps are set up in this ring. However, the hunt course is so big, there’s still plenty of room to ride on the flat without running into fences!

This is the ring we use most often for riding lessons and it gets set up as the main horse show ring.

In addition to our outdoor riding areas we have a brand new indoor arena.

indoor horseback riding

Inside our new riding arena.

It is available for riding year round, though most students prefer to ride outside in good weather.

It is 72 feet by 120 feet and has a crushed stone base and sand footing.


The horses have several outdoor pasture/turnout areas.

In very bad weather or very muddy or icy they often get turned out in the indoor arena.

We currently use our large back pasture, our smaller pasture behind the hunt course and our front ring.

horse farm pasture

Some of the horses enjoying turnout in the pasture.

There are more horse farm pasture areas under construction.