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Meet Our Lesson Horses…

The cornerstone of an successful lesson program is it’s horses. Our lesson horses were specifically chosen for their temperaments.

A good lesson horse needs to be tolerant of many different riders, in many different situations, and is worth their weight in gold!

Our Lesson Horse Ponies

Lesson Horses - Mattie

Mattie jumping a cross country fence.

Mattie is a huge favorite among the lesson horses at the farm. She has been with us for over 10 years.

Mattie has perfect manners and is extremely kind with beginner riders. She also is great at teaching students how to canter and jump.

Horse shows are another area where Mattie shines. She almost always places at, or near, the top of her classes.

Mattie does it all, from walk-trot, to pleasure, to jumpers and even eventing. She is a superstar! Her only quirk is making “faces” at other horses when they get too close to her, otherwise she is the perfect lesson horse.


lesson horse Sonja

Sonja and Abby taking a break

Sonja was donated to the farm when her owner found she wasn’t the right fit for her.

We were thrilled to welcome her as part of the Spruce Meadow Farm family. She was young and talented and just needed some training and work to polish her into the awesome lesson horse pony that she is!

Sonja is “unflappable.” She is just as comfortable at horse shows as she is at home and wins many ribbons.

With her calm demeanor and athleticism Sonja has become a favorite for many at the farm!


lesson horse - Special

Special and her partner Haley

Special is one of our most athletic ponies, in fact she has even traveled to Florida to show there.

She loves attention and is very sweet. She is also a young pony with a lot to offer and will only get even better.

Special enjoys jumping; hunters, jumpers and eventing and enjoys competing in horse shows. We are fortunate to have such a talented and lovely pony among our lesson horses.


Sage has also been in our riding lesson program for many years. According to many of the people that meet him, he is one of the cutest ponies they’ve seen…maybe

because he’s a “blonde”, a palomino in horse-speak.

lesson horse Sage

Sage & Jordan at the Erie County Fair

Sage is another of our very talented show ponies. He is very versatile and usually places very well in pleasure classes, hunters, jumpers, dressage and eventing.

From beginner lessons, to camp, to advanced jumping, Sage is a very capable riding horse. In addition to his talents he has a very easy-going, pleasant personality.

No matter where he goes, Sage always gets noticed!


lesson horse Star

Getting ready to ride

Star has been at Spruce Meadow Farm for man years, almost as long as the other four ponies. She is another of our safest and kindest lesson horses.

Before Star became a riding horse she had several babies and lived in Texas! She was a pleasure to train as a lesson horse because of her good work ethic and positive attitude.

Star remains calm and quiet in almost any situation and has helped teach many people to ride. She is a very pretty mare, makes a great lesson and camp horse and does well at horse shows too.

Another well-rounded pony, she has competed in hunters, jumpers, dressage, eventing and pleasure classes.


Marena riding Misty’s athletic jump!

Misty has only been with us for a few years. She is a very cute little pony with a huge jump and a huge heart!

With her talent and “cuteness’ factor she makes a nice little show pony and has shown in flat classes, x-rails, jumpers and eventing.

She also does well in one-on-one lessons, camp and pony rides. She has a sweet sweet and saucy nature, and a bold streak to go along with it!

I love Misty’s unusual color that I describe as a chocolate palomino, however, I have it from a very reliable source that technically her color is “silver dapple.”

Be careful around Misty…she just might steal your heart!

lesson pony - Ruby

Ruby “doing her thing” at a pony party

Ruby is an older ranch pony that came to the farm through the rescue. She was on her way to auction.

She is a little timid but very sweet, and she absolutely adores treats.

We are very happy that she enjoys eating…she arrived VERY thin and it took over a year to get her to a good weight!

Ruby has been wonderful at pony parties and has done camp and beginner lessons.


Buttons is a sweet little rescue pony. He, like Rascal, is semi retired. He occasionally gives pony rides and helps with camp and pony parties.

a child's pony

Buttons doing one of his favorite things!

Buttons is an older guy that has been with us for a few years. He lived in a pasture with another pony and his owners no longer had a use for him.

He was sold to a horse dealer for $25 and luckily the horse dealer asked us if we  wanted to give him a home, which we quickly agreed to.

We did not want to see him in an unfortunate circumstance. Buttons will remain at the farm to live out his life.

He loves to get brushed and be taken out to graze and is very kind to both people and other horses.


Zippers is another pony that ended up at the farm through the rescue.

lesson pony - Zippers

Adorable but naughty!

His owner brought him here to be boarded and then disappeared. Calls to her went unanswered.

He is a happy and energetic guy that enjoys attention and treats. Pony rides are his specialty and he is very good at walk-trot!

He loves to greet people and, along with Buttons, makes a very good farm mascot.


Meet The Rest Of Our Lesson Horses

Apollo is a newer addition to our lesson program. He is a tall, handsome horse that is eager to please.

Apollo is making sure he clears the jump!

lesson horse jumping

Jordan & Apollo at the Erie County Fair

From what we know about him, Apollo was owned by a girl that left for college. When she left her parents didn’t know what to do with him and took him to a rescue facility.

A friend of ours took him from there and we were thrilled to be able to add him to the program as one of our lesson horses!

Apollo is a very friendly Holsteiner gelding that appears to have some dressage background but didn’t seem familiar with jumping.

He is an extremely willing student and is making good progress.


lesson horses-Aries

Aries enjoying competing at the “Ride For Roswell” event.

Aries has been a favorite among the lesson horses for several years.

He is one of the happiest horses alive. No matter what he is doing at the time, he is sure there is nothing else he would rather do!

Aries does everything from teaching beginner riders to horse showing with our more experienced riders.

He is popular with visitors, students and trainers alike. No one can help but smile around Aries and his sunny disposition.


lesson horse - Beau

Beau is such a handsome guy

Beau is always cheerful and fun to be around. He’s a very laid back kind of guy, not much bothers him.

A favorite with many of the students, Beau is well behaved for beginner riders and talented and athletic enough for advanced riders. He is a great all around horse.

Beau has done well this past year at his first horse shows and his good nature makes him a perfect fit for our lesson program.


lesson horse - Bea

Bea focusing on her rider

Bea is a very pretty Thoroughbred Quarter Horse cross. She was originally a neglect case and then was helped out by a girl that didn’t have enough experience to meet her needs.

We are currently working to incorporate her into our program and she is being ridden by our more advanced students.

Bea has a sweet and kind disposition and responds well to calm, quiet handling.


lesson horse - Springer

Springer and his good friend Rachelle

Springer is a handsome 16 hand quarter horse. He was not needed at his old barn so he was offered to us for our lesson program.

Although he has a very alert personality Springer is a favorite of many of the beginner riders at the farm.

The instructors love him as well, because when you ask him to trot he just keeps going until you stop him, unlike many of the horses that will take advantage of any opportunity for a break! He is also nice to learn to canter on because he will do a smooth, slow lope.

In spite of being a bit eccentric, Springer is a good guy with lots of fans!