Horse Boarding And Leasing At Spruce
Meadow Farm

horse boarding barn

The inside of the barn

Spruce Meadow Farm offers full care horse boarding at the affordable rate of $600 per month.

When you board a horse at the farm they are fed and watered three times per day. Buckets are dumped and scrubbed in the morning, grain is fed at breakfast and dinner and hay is fed three times per day.

Also included in horse boarding are daily turnout, blanketing and unblanketing when needed and holding for the blacksmith or vet.

horse boarding barn

A birds eye view in the barn

All stalls are fully matted and cleaned on a daily basis. We offer both 10’x10′ and 10’x12′ box stalls and a boarder locker room.

There are several pastures and rings available for turnout and riding, and if you board a horse you also have access to our brand new 72’x120′ indoor arena.


Horse Leasing

In addition to horse boarding there are several types of horse leasing available at the farm.

The most popular way to lease a horse at Spruce Meadow Farm has always been a half lease.

You can lease a horse on a month to month basis.

Anyone that half leases a horse must take a lesson/week.

Half Lease:  A half lease is $325 per month and includes the following:

  • Use of the horse 3 days/week. (5 days/week in the working student program)
  • You have first rights to the horse at shows and do not have to pay a horse use fee.
    indoor horseback riding

    Inside our new riding arena.

  • You are responsible for maintaining your horse’s tack.
  • When you ride your horse you are responsible for picking out your horse’s stall and making sure he/she has fresh, clean water.
  • Half leasing a specific horse is available from September 1st through June 1st. uring June, July & August Open Half Leasing is available.

Open Half Lease:   An open half lease is available during the summer months (June 1st – September 1st)

The open lease includes all of the criteria in a regular 1/2 lease but is limited as to which horse you may ride on a given day.

The horses work harder during the summer months and need scheduled days off.

Certain horses may be needed for specific situations as well which limits their availability at times, due to managing their work load.