Our Pony Parties

Spruce Meadow Farm has several ponies and horse s that will travel to your location for parties and events

A Pony Party Makes Any Event a Special Occasion

A pony party is a great addition to almost any event and Spruce Meadow Farm has several types of pony parties to offer!

All of our pony parties involve at least one pony partypony and pony rides. We can bring ponies to your event or you can come out to the farm for your “party.”

Ponies come in all different sizes and we will ask the age of the party attendees so that we can make sure you have the right size pony for your event.

When we bring a pony or ponies to you, they arrive in a trailer and are saddled and ready to go! A “walker” comes along with them and we make sure to bring a pitchfork and bucket…just in case!

Usually a pony party will last for an hour, although sometimes they can go 1-1/2 or 2 hours. We are happy to accommodate any time frame you may have in mind.

The riders are welcome to get on and off as many times as they like during the party.

Party Prices At The Farm

Pony Ride Party                $20 per rider/$100 minimum

Riding Lesson Parties      $40 per rider

Site Fee                               $100/per hr

  • Includes use of the facilities; picnic tables,  electricity,  staff member, rest room, playground area
pony event

Party Prices At Your Location

1 pony for 1 hour $275                                                         $100 for each additional 1/2 hour

2 Ponies for 1 hour $475                                                    $235 for each additional 1/2 hour

For distances over 20 miles there is a gas surcharge based on mileage. Please call for a quote.

Parties At The Farm

We also offer pony parties at our farm. A nice feature of having a pony party here at the farm is that you can eliminate clean-up at home!

You can come here for an hour of pony riding lesson partyrides and then go out for pizza. Or you can bring your own snacks and/or cake and use our picnic tables and play area! Either way there’s no home clean up!

We offer two types of parties; pony ride parties and riding lesson parties.

Pony Ride Parties

With a pony ride party you get the use of a pony or horse, with a helper to lead the pony and help the kids on and off for an hour.

Riding Lesson Parties

At a riding lesson party the participants will learn how to groom and saddle up their horse or pony and then have a group riding lesson. The group sizes vary depending on the number of attendees.

During the lesson “students” will learn how to mount and then how to direct the horse on where to go. We set up a small obstacle course to help them learn and practice their skills.

Lessons can also be tailored for more advanced students.

Participants should dress for the occasion in long pants and a shoe or boot with a small heel. Any type of heel will do. A flat shoe or sneaker should not be worn for safety reasons.
They will also be required to wear an ASTM approved equestrian helmet, which we provide here at the farm. If you are coming for a riding lesson party you can click here to download a release form.