Our Riding Lessons

Spruce Meadow Farm offers a riding lessons program for riders from beginner through advanced.

Riding Lessons

Spruce Meadow Farm has something to offer to all levels of riders. We operate riding lessons programlarge lesson program for those with no previous experience through advanced riders.

We take pride in developing beginner riders into effective horsemen and women, and competitive riders. Our horse riding lessons include instruction in horse handling, grooming and tacking up.

Students also learn how to cool out and properly put away their horse. We feel that riding and horse care go hand in hand. Proper horse care is the basis of good horsemanship.

Beginner Lesson Series

For those that would like a more in depth start we offer our Beginner Lesson Series. You can do the series after a few lessons or start right in with your first lesson.

beginner riding lessonThese are either private hour long lessons or a 90 minute lesson in a small group format. This is a 5 lesson series and the cost is $65 per lesson.

Students will learn how to get their horse out and put it away, how to safely lead a horse, learn about all the grooming tools and how to do a thorough grooming job along with proper mounting and riding skills. Each student receives a folder that covers everything they will be learni

Meet Our Instructors

Erin Cox

horse riding instructorErin is the head trainer at Spruce Meadow Farm. She has been riding at the farm for almost 20 years and teaching here for over 10 of those years!

Erin also works with our lesson horses and the Phoenix Rising Rescue Horses. She has ridden at Alfred University and has had the privilege of riding with Walter Zettl, Linda Todenhagen and currently trains with Kathy Wood-Copa.

Both children and adults enjoy her lessons and coaching. She coached the 7 horses and 8 students she took to this year’s Erie County Fair Horse Show to 70 ribbons including several Championship and Reserve Championships.horse show - riding studentslesson

One of her best attributes is her love and care for all of the horses at the farm and her emphasis on students learning good horsemanship as well as good, solid riding skills.

Riding Goals

Our students ride for a variety of reasons. Some ride for pleasure, others to improveyoung horse riding lessons student their riding and training skills, and many of them enjoy competing at area horse shows.

We teach students of all ages and don’t believe anyone is ever too old or too young to ride.

Horse Shows

Our students compete at some of the area horse shows throughout the year. We horse showingcompete in dressage, hunter/jumpers and lower level eventing.

We also hold several schooling shows each year here at the farm. This gives students an opportunity to prepare for “away” shows and also offers an option for students that may not be able to travel to off-site shows.

Do I Need Any Special Equipment?

There is no need to have any special equipment to get started in our riding lessons program.

If you are just starting lessons all you need are long pants to protect your legshorse riding helmet from being pinched by the stirrup leathers and a shoe or boot with at least a 1/2 inch heel…not a flat sole.

You are also required to wear an ASTM certified equestrian helmet while riding. We provide helmets for students to use when they are starting out, so you don’t need to make any special purchases to begin riding lessons!

However, if you wish to purchase a good starter helmet just click here.

Release Form

We will need a signed release form when you come for your lesson. You can click here to download a form. Simply fill it out, sign it and bring it with you when you come!

Download a release form

 Lesson Prices

30 Minute Private lesson                      $40

60 Minute Small Group Lesson           $35 per person

90 Minute Date Lesson                                            $95 per couple

Please download a release form, if possible, and bring it to your first lesson. If you are unable to do so we can provide you with one at the farm…thank you!


If You Would Like To Schedule Please

Call Us At  (716) 741-2346


Date Lessons

date horse riding lesson

A “Date Lesson” is designed for couples. It includes grooming, saddling and an hour riding lesson for two.

If you are looking for something “different” to do this might just be the thing for you! The cost for a date lesson is $95.

Other Learning Opportunities

In addition to lessons we offer various types of clinics based on riding, different disciplines, horsemanship and horse health.

 We have several lesson series including the Beginner Series, a Training Scale Series and a Horsemanship Series.

We also offer a horse day camp program during school breaks and summer vacation.

 If you have an interest in becoming a working student please contact the farm and let us know.

horse riding clinic